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The Management of HCS Publishing

Because every organization needs to have someone herding the cats.

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David Lee


David describes himself as a "humble purveyor of fine accoutrements, contraptions of false perception and questionable relics" and is also writing this in the 3rd person.

He founded HCS Publishing in 2013 to support his then, teenage daughter and author JM Lee. He has insisted that HCS Publishing remain a "non-profit" publisher where the authors receive the financial benefits of their hard work. Most people think he's slightly mad but what do they know? ;)

D.M. Patterson

Director, Children's Literature Division

D.M. Patterson

Director, Children's Literature Division

D.M. Patterson began writing stories and poetry at an early age. While her heart is in picture books, she enjoys dabbling in many genres. She lives in Virginia with her husband and family. She has an MFA in Children's Literature from Hollins University.

Jeanne Wilkins

Editor in Chief


Editor in Chief

Hi, my name is Jeanne Wilkins, and I am passionate about quality literature, especially of the speculative variety. I hold a BA from Queens University in Charlotte, NC, where I was accepted into Sigma Upsilon, a national writer’s fraternity. I have been published in a few small press literary magazines, including “The Fardleferd Herd” out of Elgin, IL. I served as a first reader, then an editor of Bookman Publishing out of Honolulu, HI, until moving to Virginia. Since then I have been a tutor of English and creative writing, and an independent editor. I have managed two bookstores, in Red Lodge, MT and Suffolk, VA. 

Andy Fraser

Foreign Minister to the Netherlands

Charlie Stayton

Minister of Scotch, Kilts and Gaming

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Charlie Stayton is a writer and developer for Parlor Games and science fiction and fantasy short stories. He lives in Virginia with His wife Anastasia.

When not writing for "Tephra", the Steampunk RPG, he can be found writing Steampunk short stories and Science Fiction. In his current time travel stop he works as an IT Specialist.

Ross Wilkins

Exchequer and Book Barker & Peddler Extraordinaire

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Ross Wilkins handles the funds generated on-site at the various cons we attend and will be found behind the table luring in unsuspecting readers and doing his best to ensure they take something new home from our tables. 

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