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The Editorial staff of HCS Publishing

The team at HCS Publishing is a group of individuals dedicated to promoting Steampunk, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi literature of the highest quality. We are dedicated to not only entertaining you but also towards publishing high quality works. Our Editors bring a high level of skill, experience and passion for what they do.

Jeanne Wilkins

Editor in Chief


Hi, my name is Jeanne Wilkins, and I am passionate about quality literature, especially of the speculative variety. I hold a BA from Queens University in Charlotte, NC, where I was accepted into Sigma Upsilon, a national writer’s fraternity. I have been published in a few small press literary magazines, including “The Fardleferd Herd” out of Elgin, IL. I served as a first reader, then an editor of Bookman Publishing out of Honolulu, HI, until moving to Virginia. Since then I have been a tutor of English and creative writing, and an independent editor. I have managed two bookstores, in Red Lodge, MT and Suffolk, VA. 

D.M. Patterson

Editor in Chief, Children's Division



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D.M. Patterson began writing stories and poetry at an early age. While her heart is in picture books, she enjoys dabbling in many genres. She lives in Virginia with her husband and family. She has an MFA in Children's Literature from Hollins University.

Nicole Ordway



Nicole obtained a BA in English from Christopher Newport University in 2009. While studying she completed freelance editing work as well as editing a novel for Mairi Campbell. She prefers to read fiction, and loves sci-fi and fantasy in particular, but will read anything with a compelling story. Her short story, “Selkie of the Shoals,” was featured in Panglossian Productions’s “Blackout: Theatre in the Dark” and her debut novel, Hollow Thunder, was published under HCS Publishing in the fall of 2013.

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Nathaniel "Nate" Glansman


Nathaniel "Nate" Glanzman is an editor and sensitivity reader available for copy, line and developmental editing in all genres except erotica. He is a licensed high school English teacher, as well as a lifelong reader. He is passionate about helping all clients reach their full writing potential. For more information, please see:

Ross Wilkins

Internal Layout Editor

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Ross provides layout services once the manuscripts have been edited and are ready to move to publication.

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