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"Spark of Hope" Logo by John Millington of Conquest Publishing Comics & Gaming

Spark of Hope

Creative Sparks of Hope written, created, and/or performed by those who wish to bring you a little light

HCS Publishing would like to give a special thanks to John Millington of Conquest Publishing Comics & Gaming for the incredible Spark of Hope logo!

Howl for Brand

By HCS Creates

“Howl for Brand”, we honor a courageous young man and his battle with cancer. He and his family moved and inspired a worldwide community to action. We here at HCS Creates were inspired to build him his very own Warhammer40k Space Wolf power armor. #howlforbrand #bandswolves Partnering with ComServe Wireless (for donating the workspace and for paying for the shipping of the armor to England) Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

Opening song "Just Glue Some Gears on it and call it Steampunk" by Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire

Opening music by: Ella Fitzgerald - When I Get Low, I Get High (DJ Ecklectic Mick)

Music: Ben Sound (

Warhammer40 is a registered trademark of GamesWorkshop and are not affiliated with this video. The mention of GW and WH40k is to pay tribute to one of our favorite things and to thank them for being the source of creative inspiration.

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