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Who are we at HCS Publishing

& why do we do what we do?

HCS Publishing is a collective of authors, editors, artists and steampunk enthusiasts who have banded together to bring new and exciting fiction to the world. By focusing on unique stories, professional editors and artists, we hope to bring you truly exciting and entertaining literature.


We are very excited about the authors we have signed. Steampunk maker Stephen Chapman (aka Enganear), author Jarod Crews, author S.A. Cosby, steampunk maker & author David Lee, editor Jeanne Wilkins, teen author JM Lee (Novus Proprius Chronicles), editor Angela Bellamy-Knowles, author and editor Nicole Ordway, author DM Patterson, and several others in the works.


We at HCS Publishing have some pretty grand plans for the future to include audio versions of our books, an internet radio show where you can hear sections of our various books performed in the style of the early radio shows of the 30's and 40's. Book trailers are also in the works so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


We will be attending numerous conventions across the US and Europe so stop by and meet the authors.

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