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HCS Publishing

HCS Publishing is proud to announce the release of our first comic "S-36: The Call Girl: An Association of Ishtar Tale" by Bonsart Bokel. The Association of Ishtar is a series of Steampunk and Lovecraftian short stories that are freely available online. The graphic novel is a reimagining of the first story that started it all. S-36: The Call Girl. This book also serves as a supplement/prequel to the novel the "Wrench in the Machine" (coming soon).

We'd also like to introduce you to our newest author, Jeri L. Evagood, and her book "The Ordinary Life of Gerard Irving"!

Four of our series have new books that you won't want to miss: 

"Mirrors and Dreams", book two of the Unseen Scars Series (coming soon!)

"First Watch", book two of the Civil Dusk Series

"Verne in Flames", book two of the Khitai Conspiracy, and

"Novus Orsa", the final chapter of the Novus Proprius Chronicles

Be sure to check out the latest release from Valentine Wolfe, "Only Gossamer My Gown" based on a small collection of selected poetry by the enigmatic American poet, Emily Dickinson!

Don't forget to check out last year's "Dark & Stormy" anthology featuring HCS authors and some new folks as well.

Creative Sparks of Hope written, created, and/or performed by those who wish to bring you a little light

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